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I'm sorrry
I'm sorry for not being able to stop the dark thoughts.
I'm sorry for not being the perfect lover.
I'm sorry for not being a perfect skinny girl with a huge ass and breasts.
I'm sorry for not being able to be there for you.
I'm sorry for not being able to be able to communicate with you.
I'm sorry for not being good enough for you.
I'm sorry that you have to put up with me.
I'm sorry for being to afraid to start sanything.
I'm sorry for being so emotional.
I'm sorry for being so clingy.
I'm sorry for getting jealous so easily.
I'm sorry for not being able to say any of this in person.
I'm sorry for having to say sorry for so much.
I'm sorry for being so scarred that I have trouble letting you in.
I'm sorry for being so scared of losing you.
I'm sorry for all that I've done.
I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry.
I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me for this, and all that I may or may not do.
I'm sorry.
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heartbroken doll
There is a tightness in my chest,
As I watch you walk away.
To be with people better than me.
I guess I wasn’t needed,
Or maybe just unwanted,
But as you walked away I realised it was just me.
Here to suffer for all eternity.
Time repeats,
It the same scene different actors
The pain and heartbreak never ends,
And it is always the same.
As I sit alone
Looking back at all the times
Think of how it could have been different,
How you could have stayed,
How I could have done better,
At how I am afraid.
I lock myself up so the past won’t repeat
But the fear is still there.
That someone would get in and after a while
Leave me once again.
To leave me for someone better in all things.
As I think of this while looking
At your retreating form
I cannot stop the tears threatening to spill
But I keep quite and turn away so no one sees my pain.
As I walk away I wish that you would look over your shoulder,
see the pain I am in.
And come running to my side,
And hug me from behind
And tell m
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England x reader Gotta get away chp1
You opened your (e/c) eyes, and all you saw was a blinding light. As you went to sit up you saw a mop of messy blond hair. All of a sudden the man that the hair belonged to looked up, his emerald green eyes lit up in joy as he noticed you were awake.
“(y/n)! Thank god you’re awake love. Now we can get out of here.” He said while hugging you.
“Whose (y/n)? Who are you? Where are we?”
“You’re (y/n). Don’t you remember love?”
All you could feel was confusion and panic, you had no clue who you were, who this man was/is, and where you were. But after taking a look at his torn clothes and malnourished looking body, you had a good idea that you shouldn’t be here.
“Well, we’ll have to deal with that later. We first have to get out of here if we want to continue living.” He said
“ Wait WHAT? You expect me to go with you when I have no clue where I am, who you are, or where we are? Are you mad?” you yelled
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New faces,
New people,
Will sit where we sat.
Each year somebody new,
Will seat in our seats.
The teachers will talk to them,
Just like they did with us.
But it only lasts for a year,
Then it's all over.
Things change,
And not always for the better.
Nothing ever lasts,
No matter how much we want it to.
It all blurs.
OUr memories,
Soon you can't remember anything.
It will always be the same.
Like the ticking of a clock,
Telling us class is over.
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gotta get out
Do you see me?
Can you hear me?
Do you know where I am?
Who am I?
Who are you?
What is going on?
Why is this happening?
What did you do?
What have I done?
Will you help me MAKE IT STOP?!
We gotta get outta here,
gotta get away.
We gotta get outta here 'fore the brink of day.
If we wanna survive we have to leave now.
What is going on?
Where am I?
where are you?
Where have you gone?
Did I hurt you?
Did you die?
Someone help me please?!
We gotta get outta here,
gotta get away.
We gotta get outta here 'fore the brink of day.
If we wanna survive we have to leave now.
What is going on?
we are running out of time.
Tonight is our last.
If we don't get out were gonna die,
so grab my hand and lets run!
We gotta get outta here,
gotta get away.
We gotta get outta here 'fore the brink of day.
If we wanna survive we have to leave now.
What is going on?
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light in darkness
As the darkness sinks it spreads,
drowning out the light.
Contaminating everything,
till there's no one left to fight.
To fight for what's right,
to fight with those still standing,
to fight for those who can't.
It's time to take a stand.
To be a light for those who have given up,
to be a light for the reasistance.
To push back the darkness for a while,
and make everything all right.
The darkness takes away everything,
everything in sight.
Destroying, ruining everything,
till there's no one left to fight.
To fight for what's right,
to fight with those still standing,
to fight for those who can't.
It's time to take a stand.
To be a light for those who have given up,
to be a light for the reasistance.
To push back the darkness for a while,
and make everything all right.
Iff it takes one drop to spread darkness,
all we need is one spark to light the fire.
THe fire in side us to burn the darkness away!
Wheb everythings gone,
those who are left must be our light,
out of darkness into life.
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Song of life
As the clock ticks on
So does the song.
But sooner or later,
the song will end.
Sure it will linger in your head for a while,
It might cause you to cry or to smile.
But after a time, you won’t be able
to recall, a single thing about it
as if it never was there.
That is how things are.
We can not stop it no matter how hard we try.
The song could achieve much in so short of a time
but hereafter it would be meaningless.
It would be forgotten.
There would be no point for it in the beginning,
for the world would continue spinning.
Things would continue changing.
As if the music had never been written,
as if the song had never been sung.
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you say you want me dead, then why don’t you put the gun to my head?
why must i be the one to die? why can’t it be you?
i’m sick of all your judging and all your lies.
the smart person is the one who says nothing and knows how horrible life is.
that would be me, not you.
you think people like you, but they don’t. they use you for their own gain.
thats just the truth.
how would you like, to know what i know, to see how i see?
if you knew how horrible it is, and how it destroys you, you would say no.
this world is full of darkness and no one sees it till they truly experience it.
tch, you are all so stupid and inconsiderate towards others.
how would you like it if i killed you?
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she says she’s changed but she’s not.
she says she’s not the same but she is.
she does all this crap just to get attention.
Cause she’s just an attention whore.
she left something great behind,
but ‘it’ is just as bad,
‘it’ is just as broken,
‘it’ is just as sad.
But when she left ‘it’, ‘it’ realized ‘it’ is as horrible for others as can be.
Though ‘it’ can not see it, others think ‘it’ is kind, loving, a bit moody, but still as great as ‘it’ can be.
Though when ‘it’ realizes this at first ‘it’ will be mad, but ‘it’ will move on and one day be glad.
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I feel like i’m drowning, yet somehow i’m still alive.
I feel like there’s a demon clawing at me from the inside.
It feels like there’s no escape from the pain that i feel.
Is any of this even real.
There are days when all i want to do is die.
And to say goodbye,
to all the pain and sadness.
Then there are days when all i want to do is cry.
because i can’t handle it anymore.
nothing ever helps
nothing ever ends the pain
I want it all to end
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I see you with him and i close my eyes.
i do whatever i can not to cry.
everytime i see you i die a little more inside.
why  can’t  i  just  forget?
i want to forget every touch, every kiss.
i’m sure you won’t care,
cause you don’t care about me anymore.
i’m sure if I died you would not miss me.
Why  can’t  i  just  forget?
Cause you seem to have forgotten me.
you seem to have everything you need.
but everywhere i go there’s something that reminds me of you.
and all i want to do then is bleed.
cause maybe then you’ll see,
when you left me i was broken
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Computer X reader X Bed Preview
Key: (n/m)=name
(b.f.n)= best frriends name
~Lets Begin~
So I realized that I don’t need anyone to be happy, I have my bed and my computer/internet. The next day on my Fb page I posted,
By day I’m in a relationship with Computer/Internet, and by night having a wonderful affair with my bed.
Bed: Cause I can actually cuddle her/him unlike you.
Computer/Internet: I let her/him talk to her/his friends!
Bed: Yeah, but you also show him/her sad stuff. The he/she comes running to me for comfort.
(best friends name): Please tell me you did not make those pages up so you wouldn’t feel so lonely.
(n/m): I did not! How dare you accuse me of such a thing!
Bed: Yeah how DARE you accuse her/him of something like that!
Computer/Internet: How can you call (b.f.n) your best friend if he/she is gonna accuse you of something like this (n/m)?
Though other people can’t see them I can see Computer/In
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I feel lightheaded.
I can't see straight.
I know i'm falling.
and i've accepted my fate.
you tell me to hold on
but there's nothing here.
and it's too late.
Cause i'm falling, falling into myself.
you call to me saying please come back
and i keep falling, falling out of your reach.
and it's too late
As i'm falling, i'm thinking
about all the things that i've done
and then i realized, i'm dying
Oh god what have i done
I'm a marionette who's strings have been slit
And it's too late
As i'm falling your all crying
wondering, what lead me to do this
the answer was
i was falling, falling into depression
with no way out in sight
But it's too late.
*beep beep beep beep beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*
And i'm rising out of the abyss
the pain is gone
though i may be sad to leave you all
It's too late
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bored by jackcatnip bored :iconjackcatnip:jackcatnip 0 3 me with microbrades or what ever they are called by jackcatnip me with microbrades or what ever they are called :iconjackcatnip:jackcatnip 0 2 me by jackcatnip me :iconjackcatnip:jackcatnip 0 0


He's mine. Wolverine x Reader.
Logan aka Wolverine always liked you...why? Because you were a non-mutant and the loveliest non-mutant he met. When he first met you; you knew he was a strange man and so being you...
You followed him to his house and being Logan he caught you..
He loves you because you don't care what he is..and you don't. You love his little sharp claws. You call him kitty-claws and it annoys him but it makes you happy..
"Theres my little gorgeous girl." You start giggling as he kisses your neck.
"Stop that! It tickles, go shave your beard old man." He gasps and you laugh carrying on doing the dishes.
"Yep, the old man who is such a great man in bed-!"
"Okay, okay. I'm only joking." He said while you blushed. He wrapped his arm around your waist as you carried on with the last plate.
"All done." You said wiping your hands on the towel.
"Oh great, now we can go to the party."
"What party?" You said slightly confused...okay really confused.
"Oh, erm, Beast is having a party and were going."
:iconhannaarialockhartoxo:HannaAriaLockhartoxo 203 99
That Wolf. Wolverine x Reader.
This guy would not leave you alone. He would try to get you alone and force you to go on a date with him.
"So now you know the reaction of what sulphur dioxide does to skin. Most enemies use this sort of acid to stop you attacking them which is 80% chance of them doing so." You said as the kids noted it down.
"Miss. What does H2O mean?" A thirteen year old boy said. Lance. His powers were similar to a a cobra. If you attack him one bite he could kill you.
"Excellent question Lance. Does anyone know what H2O is?"
"Water.." Someone said. Oh no...
"Y-yes thank you Logan." You said looking towards the door. He had his arm folded and was leaning against the door. He smirked..
"No problem...sweetheart." He winked. The class wolf whistled, some of them started to say 'Ooh Logan so likes her'
'Does Miss (Y/n) like him too?'
'Bet you ten dollars she does'
"Just Logan babe." You harshly sighed.
"Logan. Don't you have a lesson to teach?" You said rubbing off the writing o
:iconhannaarialockhartoxo:HannaAriaLockhartoxo 97 32
X-Men Seven Minutes In Heaven ~ X-Men x MaleReader
(Y/n)= Your name.
(e/c)= Eye colour.
(h/c)= Hair colour.
(f/c)= Favourite colour.
=== The Xavier Institute, Danger Room ===
The Danger Room echoed with the sounds of huge metallic footsteps as a pair of gigantic Sentinels engaged their targets. The three X-Men present dispersed as they came closer and enacted their plan of attack...
"Well, I'll say this much: They're big." Remy LeBeau aka Gambit remarked as the left Sentinel tried to stomp on him, but proved much too slow as the Raging Cajun easily dodged it. Seeing an opening, he drew a pair of cards from his pocket, charged them with kinetic energy and threw them at the massive robot's chest, the impact makes it stagger backwards before raising it's other hand and charging it's palm laser...
A cloud of smoke appeared on the Sentinel's shoulder and it looked to it, only for one of it's optics to be slashed by a razor-sharp rapier, one wielded by Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler.
"Ja, that's true. To be fair though, we've
:iconvanguardoffire:VanguardofFire 43 35
Twin Hearts ~ Tony x Reader!with heart condition
Twin Hearts
Tony x Reader!With Heart Condition

[WARNING] Some strong language is used... so reader be warned :D
[Name] shifted the belt to her baggy jeans and groaned. She had lost weight again. Biting her lip, she looked in the mirror, hoping that she wouldn’t see what she knew would be there; [Name’s] skin had turned so pale and translucent, that anyone that looked at her would think that she was a ghost. The thin veins that spider-webbed across her body, were so clear, and well mapped that she couldn’t help but shudder at the sight of them as they seemed to glow. Her hair had become thin and dead, and the circles under her eyes were so dark, that one would think that she had a bad case of raccoon makeup.
She winced, when she moved, and her chest started to tighten.
God no! Please not another attack!
[Name] being born 3 months prematurely had always had a weak body. But not until 6 months ago did she find out exactly how weak. She had a terminal
:iconthefanfreakers:Thefanfreakers 122 16
Kittens: Logan x Reader (one-shot)
Logan x Reader (one-shot)
[this is a Logan x Reader so expect some swearing]
Logan groaned as the two of you tried to round up your group of young mutant adolescences. Every once in a while Xavier's school for talented Youngsters allowed the students to have outings in small groups with adult escorts, in other words you, with Logan being forced to tag along, in Manhattan.
"Why do I have to help babysit these little shits?" Logan whined.
You rolled your eyes, "because, my dear boyfriend, I needed an extra pair of somewhat responsible eyes. So suck it up butta' cup."
You stuck your tongue out at Logan playfully, making him smirk.
He leaned over and murmured in your ear, "your going to get punished for this tonight~" you could feel his hot breath on your skin and your cheeks flushed.
"Logan!" You shouted, smacking his arm.
One of the kids had overheard what he had said (due to super hearing) and made a gagging face, "ewwww! Logans saying lewd things!"
"Shut it squirt! ... And who
:iconthefanfreakers:Thefanfreakers 517 77
She's Mine! | Logan Howlett x Reader |
"I don't want that little shit back."
You sighed and kept looking out the window, waving goodbye to your best friend and her son.
"He's coming back. For a whole week."
"I didn't sign up for that."
"Well I did. His mother is my best friend and if she needs a favor I'll be damned if I don't help her."
Logan groaned and walked to the couch, plopping down on it and holding his head in hands. As soon as the car was out of your sight you sat next to Logan and rubbed his back.
"Come on babe, he's not hard to deal with. He's a very tame child."
"He's an asshole."
"He's eight. Not to mention a total sweetheart."
Logan groaned, "To you! He's a god damn demon to me!"
"Well maybe if you were nice to him he'd be nice to you!"
"Nice isn't part of my personality."
You chuckled and kissed his cheek, "I beg to differ. You were very nice when we first met. Sure your nice is… Different, than most, but you're still capable of being nice."
He looked at you, "You said nice way too many times. Doesn't
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 749 66
Wolverine x Shifter! Reader
Wolverine x Shifter! Reader
Request for hotshot432
AN: Reader can turn into a deer sized wolf and can talk while in this form.  In her human form, she has heterochromia, with one eye a dark leaf green and the other eye a light sky blue.  The reader’s father passed away and her mother remarried before passing away herself.  The reader also has a German accent but speaks English very well.  Reader is an adult in this piece.
You shivered and pulled the hoodie that you were wearing closer to your cold body as you walked into what seemed like the millionth street you had walked in today.  The reason that you were walking in a street at this time of day was quite simple; you were kicked out of home.
A boy roughly pushed past you to get to his locker, “Freak.” He whispered as he walked past and you winced; it wasn’t your fault that you had different coloured eyes and your mother had told you before she passed away that your differen
:iconscrougeofares:scrougeofares 540 74
Savior~ (Logan x Shape-Shifter!Reader)
Logan walked through the forest with an axe, puffing on his cigar as he looked for some fallen branches from trees. The winter season was coming up and he needed to stock up on wood. As he walked deeper into the forest, he could hear a soft whimper in the distance. The Mutant suspected another animal had been caught in one of the pesky traps left by local hunters.
Following the whimpers with his keen hearing, Logan soon found a wolf laying on it's side breathing heavily with an arrow sticking in it's side. The man dropped his axe and rushed to the animals side. Though, this was no normal wolf:
She was as big as deer!
Logan ignored that fact for the sake of saving the animal. She looked up at him, pain in her eyes as she whimpered and cried in pain. Logan observed she had one green, one yellow eye. Slowly, he pet her side and whispered softly, "it's okay, I'm not here to hurt ya. I'm gonna save ya."
The wolf seemed to acknowledge, nodding her head a bit and resting it back on the leaves
:iconpaintmeamerican:PaintMeAmerican 249 17
Bedridden and Blue ~ Nightcrawler x Jotun!Reader
“You’re sick!”
“I’m fine.” came the stuffy reply.
“(y/n)!” He was wringing his tail in his hands as he followed her down the hall.
“Kurt Wagner. I am fine!” She struggled with the door knob for a moment, as it almost froze shut in her cold hands. The door popped open with a whine, revealing the frost streaked walls.
“I’ll bring up some soup or….” He managed to catch the door before it was shut.
“No, Kurt.” The door was forced shut with a glassy look and a scowl.
“No Kurt, meinem linken Fuß.”
The screech echoed down the hall. Kurt cringed, wondering what exactly was waiting for him when he turned around. Probably should’ve knocked A glance over his shoulder revealed anything but what he was expecting.
“You’re blue!” He almost spilled the soup as he turned on his toes in a tight circle, dropping the pill bottle he had clutched in the other hand
:iconfallenpine:fallenpine 154 7
Kitchen Commotion (TonyxReader) One-Shot
Warning: A certain scene that is like a lime but isn't. 

All was peaceful in Stark Tower which was quite a surprise to you. You lounged about in the living room, pacing back and forth and moving to the beat of the music that you were listening to on your iPod. Whereas your boyfriend, Tony Stark, dabbled in all things mechanics wise and the like, you dabbled in writing. You were in the middle of writing a book. It was your first one so you wanted it to be perfect. You were up to chapter thirteen of your book and others were impressed by this while you were not.
You just couldn’t wait for the day to see a book you wrote sitting on book shelves at Barnes and Nobles and in the hands of the regular hipsters at Starbucks.
With a groan you plopped back against the back of the couch. You ran your hand through your (h/c) locks and sighed. You took out your headphones, thinking that for once music was being more distracting than helpful.
“Something the matter Miss (l/n)?
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 323 68
Nail Polish (TonyxReader) One-Shot
Being a clutz that you are, you had broken your left leg. How had this happened? Simple, you tripped and fell down the stairs. Thankfully, JARVIS had informed Tony of this as soon as this had happened and you managed to leave the hospital with just a broken left leg. It could have been worse. You could have broken both arms and legs. 
It had been two days since you had gotten back from the hospital and already you wanted to throw your crutches out the window. Sadly you could not do that since you were on the twentieth floor and the bloody crutches would probably kill someone on the way down. The last thing you needed was a lawsuit on your hands. 
You sighed as you sat down on the couch. You took your broken leg in both hands and carefully set it on the couch so you could relax. Tony strolled in the room, reading something on his phone. 
"Tony I swear if you're on deviantart again, reading fanfics about yourself, I'm going to shove my crutches up your conceited ass," You
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 287 82
Burnt Tongue (TonyxReader) One-Shot
Speakers that reached the ceiling blasted music that would left your ears ringing until tomorrow. People who you didn't know wanted to touch you everywhere and try to dance with you. You of course told all those strangers off, them too drunk to realize that you thought that they were a creep. Tony Stark was throwing yet again another party. You didn't want to go to the party at all. You lived in the Tower currently and were just living there until you found a place on your own.
So when you were woken up in the middle night by Tony doing some drunken karaoke singing, you couldn't help but get out of bed and march your way downstairs. The billionaire was loving all the attention that he was getting. He was drinking it up like he was drinking up his scotch. He was already in the Iron Man suit but the helmet was off. While he was showing off what the suit could do, you sunk up behind him and yanked down his ear like an angry mother. 
"Anthony Edward Tony Stark! What do you think you a
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 582 164
Relieve Some Stress (TonyxReader) One-Shot
A/N: This has a strip tease in it so if you don’t like, don’t read.
Tony walked into the Tower, dropping his bags on the floor and just lazily hanging his coat up. Today had been a rough day at work with him. Now he had to juggle things with his job and with SHIELD. Each day it was like he was getting more and more work piled on him. He had been slacking off most of the time but SHIELD had sent in Natasha to get his act together and boy could she seriously scare a man. Now after a long day of work, Tony just wanted to relax.
You saw how stressed your husband looked and how things were tough for him this week. You wanted to do something to make him feel better. To help him unwind a little to say the least.
So when Tony was just lying down on the couch innocently, he was certainly confused when very sensual music started to play through the speakers. He immediately asked JARVIS what was going on but the AI unit kept his response short, sweet, and simple: “
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 256 44
Kiss With A Fist (TonyxReader) One-Shot
You were just sitting around in the living room of Stark Tower, enjoying yourself a cup of hot chocolate and currently lying in the arms of your beloved boyfriend. Tony was watching TV as well as playing some games on his phone. Everything appeared to be peaceful but there were a couple of things going on in your mind. You needed to talk to Tony about something and you figured that now would be great. You sat up and faced him, setting aside your cup of hot chocolate. He looked at you puzzled and could tell that something was on your mind right now. That’s why he turned down the TV.
“Tony….look I love you all and everything but—”
Was the next sound that was heard as all the windows were busted down. You and Tony spun around wildly when you saw men dressed in black suits enter the building. They were not a part of SHIELD and were certainly not here just for a cup of tea. Immediately the two of you go
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 260 77
Speak English (TonyxReader) One-Shot
You and your friend Maria were waiting by the entrance of the hospital for your best friend and boyfriend, Tony Stark. He had gotten into some trouble before while building his Iron Man suit that resulted in him break his arm. He strolled out of the hospital with a grin on his lips, patched up and ready to go. You ran towards him and threw your arms over him while still keeping in mind that his arm was in a cast. He hugged you back as best as he could and kissed your lips passionately.
“Can we go now?” Maria asked, not wanting to be a third wheel.
Tony looked back and saw your friend and looked at you a little irritated.
“Did she have to come?” he whined. “I wanted us to have a little only time you know? Plus you two always speak Spanish in front of me and I’m sure more than once you guys talk about me.”
“We do not!” you laughed. “And we can have little us time later on tonight.”
He looked at you deadpanned since you and
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 157 89
Her First Word (TonyxReader) One-Shot
“Come on, Mary,” you cooed. “Say ma-ma.”
Your daughter merely looked at you puzzled, her head cocked to the left slightly as she tried to figure out what you were saying. You had been trying all evening to get your daughter to say mama but that wasn’t working at all. She would only make gurgling sounds and then start laughing when she saw you frustrated.
After much frustration and trying your hardest to not let a curse word slip out of your mouth, you decided to do something fun.
“Hey!” you beamed. “How about I teach you some Japanese words?”
Mary clapped her hands excitedly and you scooped her up into your arms and placed her onto her booster seat so that you could also cook some dinner while teaching her. While rummaging around in the kitchen, you picked up an apple and walked over to her holding the apple near her face.
“Okay so this is an apple. In Japanese it’s called ringo,” you pronounced the word slo
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 217 107



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So me and my brother on Omegal (or however you spell it) and we have been chatting with people, got one phone number, one girl offer to show us her taking iff her thing, one guy call us a jack ass for mentoning fan art, and just lot of sex related things. We have been laughing for the past half hour and it is just so fucked up and I just had to share it somewhere


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Jack Amann
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm a 16 year old blob of awesomness that goes by Jack. I have a few close friends but i still have people issues. I like people but have slight trust issues and other issues. I recently went though a tough break up and have suicidal thoughts and have a dark mind. Me and all my friends are like addicted to Hetalia and i have been dubbed the " France child". I really don't give a fuck about what you may or may not say about me because i don't really care


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